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While most people are searching for photos and videos to revisit the memories of their lost ones, we often don’t have enough to hold on to.

And what about the stories about the old days that made us laugh until we cried? Or that Stuffed Turkey recipe that made us all go back for more? Where do you hold these memories? How do you stay emotionally connected to them?

Meet . We're leveraging technology to transform how we honor and preserve the memories of our loved ones. We provide a comforting place where we celebrate life stories, instead of focusing on death and loss.

We facilitate the collection of digital content such as images, video and more, in a social but private setting, away from the noise of traditional social media platforms.

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“It’s been a little over 25 years since my sister passed. My memories were slowly fading. With HUG, I was able to reconnect with her on so many levels! It’s like an online walk down memory lane! ”


“I lost my best friend John during the pandemic and never got a chance to really say goodbye. His aunt recently sent me a HUG invite. What a blessing! All the wonderful pictures, videos and conversations about him make me so happy. I find it incredibly cathartic. Thank you!”


“My kids never met my mom. She passed away right before I got married. They never really cared for the pictures I was showing them or the stories. HUG changed everything! It’s easy, it’s fun and secure! They’re always on it!! The Legacy lives on!”


“Grandma LOVES telling us stories about the past. Her favorite topic is of course Grandpa who passed away 8 years ago. I’ve always felt all those precious memories needed to be kept in a safe and permanent place. HUG is exactly what I was looking for! And Grandma couldn’t be happier!”

Delainy Brown

It’s been 2 years now that Ashlee passed away. I felt like it was a good time to do something to honor her life. I looked online to see if I could find a safe place where I could gather all my pictures and videos. I came across HUG and loved it right away! It’s super modern and user-friendly! Even Grandma is a fan :) The entire family is actually on it constantly!

Jeffrey Dunken

My family is spread across four continents. We’re in the United States, England, Australia and even India. But that’s just geography thanks to HUG. Three months ago, we suddenly lost our beautiful niece Sunaya. Being all so far away from each other was very challenging. HUG helped us through this difficult time by allowing us to collect and share pictures of her. It’s a wonderful way to pay tribute to her and celebrate her life at the same time.


Losing someone is the hardest thing we'll ever face in life. While it deprives us of a loved one's physical presence, it doesn't mean we've lost everything we love about the person. The grief journey is a wandering way. Part of it is traveling back into our memories in order to move forward toward reconciliation with our loss.

We, at , want to give you all the tools you need to facilitate that process, in a comforting and healing way.

Join Family & Friends already celebrating their loved ones on